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Wake Up Your Sleepy Bedroom With Ralph Lauren Bedding

Of all designer linens, Ralph Lauren Bedding might be the most luxurious.

Ralph Lauren Bedding – The True Designer Touch

Modern and sleek, romantic and chic, exotic and vintage, when it comes to bedroom decor Ralph Lauren bedding has something for everyone.

ralph lauren bedding

When looking for that perfect bedding to compliment room decor, the search can be a daunting task. However, Ralph Lauren makes it easy with their wide array of bedding and bedding accessories to choose from. Presenting a timeless product that has already been proven to be of high quality, Ralph Lauren bedding will not only look good in years to come, but will also last.

After perusing the many Ralph Lauren bedding collections and making a decision on the style that best suits you, take a look at the bedding accessories Ralph Lauren offers. While the bedding is beautiful by itself, throw pillows, shams, blankets and more can all be used to add more luxury to your new bedding and tie up all the loose ends of the style you are trying to achieve. After all, bedroom decor shouldn’t bore you to sleep.

Using Space, Function and Creativity to Maximize the Effect of Ralph Lauren Bedding

The best way to liven up your bedroom without making it a clutter nightmare is to first take into consideration the amount of space you are working with. Larger rooms can hold and need more items, but small rooms will look even smaller with too many decorations.

Also, look at the furniture in the room and think of how the room will be used. Do you want to read in bed at night? If so, a table lamp and supportive (yet decorative) pillows are a must have. Do you want to watch television in your bedroom? If yes, heavy curtains to block out light that may create a glare on the TV screen should be considered.

To make the room’s decor flow, tie things together by using the same print a few times in window treatments, throw pillows, bedding or extra blankets. Using a collection of photo frames atop dressers to display photos works nicely, but try to avoid an even number of frames. Odd numbers for some reason tend to look better and more aesthetically pleasing.

Hang artwork that reflects the theme or style of the bedding, but be sure to not hang it too high on the wall. This often-made mistake leaves the work looking and feeling awkward. To make the artwork enhance the room rather than detract, hang pictures so that the middle focal point is at eye level.

Choose a Clean, Uncluttered Look – Put the Focus on Your Designer Bedding

Since a smallish room can often appear cluttered even if it’s not, avoid a lot of small knickknacks and avoid decorations that are too large for your space. If your books have dust covers on them, you might consider removing the covers. Not only do dust covers tend to look cheap, but they can also hide the beauty of the books natural cover.

If you keep books on night stands, don’t stand them upright. Instead, lay them flat and stack them with larger books on the bottom of the stack. Putting books on upper shelves of bookcases can make the bookcase seem too small. Try using the lower shelves for books.  But leaving a space between the bookcase and the ceiling can make the room look unfinished. Try filling the upper shelves with candles, picture frames, plants or larger ornaments. To make the top shelf flow with the rest of the shelves, you can add similar ornaments, frames or plants to the shelves that contain books, but don’t over do it.

No matter your space or your style, these tips and Ralph Lauren bedding and accessories can help create a bedroom that’s not only comforting to the body and spirit, but also pleasing to the eye.

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