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Kids Bedding That They Won’t Outgrow

With kids bedding, it's sometimes best to save the cartoon characters for the accessories.

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Finding the perfect kids bedding that won’t be out of style in six months can be a hard thing to accomplish. Kids want the latest fad in everything, including what they sleep on. Unfortunately what’s popular now probably won’t grow with your kid. Think about it: would the Care Bears look as good in your room when you were 14 as when you were 4? No, it wouldn’t, but there are styles and patterns that can grow with your child as their likes change.

Paint and accessories can be expensive enough to buy when redoing a kid’s room, but the added cost of redoing bedding can almost make you shy away from character themed bedrooms. Unfortunately, kids are drawn to cartoon and television characters and want them on everything. The most recent top kids’ bedding includes Dora the Explorer, Ben 10, Hannah Montana, Scooby Doo and Spiderman, to name just a few. So, how can you give your child what they want and still have a room that ages with them? These tips should help.

How to Keep Character Themes From Shortening The Useful Life of Kids Bedding

First figure out what character your child likes and look for a few accessories like pillows, lamps or artwork. Do not look for kid’s bedding in the character or theme, however. Focus only on the accessories. Don’t over do the accessories and keep the room’s space and shape and your furniture in mind when deciding what accessories will go best. Also think about how much you are willing to spend on the accessories in the event this fad becomes a dud in a year. After you have picked out all accessories, decide on the bedding for the room.

Thoughts on Getting the Most Out of Kids Bedding

By far the cheapest way to go, and the most coordinated, is to buy kids bedding in a set. Most of these come in bags and include everything you need to make the bed with a fitted sheet, pillowcase, top sheet and duvet, bedspread or comforter and some contain a dust-ruffle. If you want additional pillows, pillowcases and blankets you will have to purchase those separately in most cases. Choose bedding that matches your accessories. This can be done with prints or colors, but remember, if you don’t want to replace your kid’s bedding anytime soon, it would be best to choose a solid, neutral color like green, yellow, red or orange.

The best way to pick the color of your child’s bedding is to ask them what their favorite color is. The chances of the child outgrowing the color they say is their favorite is less likely than simply choosing one that matches the accessories. Besides, almost any solid color can be made to look good with accessories, no matter the colors in those accessories. If the kid’s bedding doesn’t match the accessories perfectly, choose pillows, curtains, rugs and throw blankets that will look good with the bedding and the character or themed accessories. This will help tie the room together better.

By choosing only accessories which feature the character your child prefers, you can give your child the room he or she wants and still save money because you do not have to replace the kids bedding as your child grows and changes.

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