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The Advantage and Practicality of Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are one of the simplest, least expensive decorator options. But they also serve more practical purposes.

Duvet covers serve at least three important functions; one practical, one hygienic and one decorative.  If you use a duvet (a down comforter for us Americans), you’re probably interested in all three.

Duvet Covers and Hygiene

Just like we change our sheets regularly, changing up duvets and comforter covers periodically makes good health sense, but for slightly different reasons.  We change our sheets for the obvious reason that our skin comes into daily contact with the sheets, and dead cells, bacteria and odors will build up.  These microbes can reach unhealthy and unpleasant levels quickly.

Similarly, airborne elements like dust, pet dander and other particulates that are common in household air will settle and build up on the outer surface of a duvet.  Over time, the concentration can get so dense that it affects a person’s breathing.  Although you can wash your duvet, duvet covers are easier to fit in a standard size washing machine.  Also, for those with allergies, materials like organic cotton and bamboo can be used.  An organic duvet cover can provide added benefit.

Feathers Pose “Sticky” Situations Which Duvet Covers Shield

If you’ve ever used any type of down cover or sleeping bag, you probably have on occasion felt the poke of the shaft of a feather through the fabric.  It’s unavoidable.  Part of the beauty of a duvet is the lightness.  If the outer casing is too thick, it won’t have that feathery feel.  By using a sturdy casing around the thin duvet membrane, you shield your body from the relatively harmless, but annoying, potential stabs of errant feathers.  A good twin, king or queen duvet cover provides this extra protection and add comfort without sacrificing the warmth that down provides.

Decorating With Duvet Covers

duvet covers

Just like using a variety of different slipcovers for your bed pillows, duvet covers & shams give you the option of alternating your decorator accents as often as daily with very little work.  If you’re one of those home makers who thrive on constant change and keeping the look of your home contemporary, using duvet covers to design your own bed is a simple way to continually update the look of a bedroom.

Since the focal point of just about every bedroom is the bed, changes to bedding are eye catching.  Having several comforter sets can get pretty pricey, but having several duvet covers can be purchased on a budget.  Mixing printed patterns with solids, solid colors with other solid colors, or even two different prints for the adventurous will give the option of unlimited variety.

A good general rule of thumb is that if you can find the color of your wall paint or carpet in at least one color of a patterned duvet cover, it will likely work.  Add it in to a weekly rotation to mix up and add life to the decor of your bedroom.  If you prefer solids, again, just use the fixed colors of the room as the palette against which to match.

Since most decorating ideas tend to come with a hefty price tag, why fork out a bundle for a designer Calvin Klein bedding collection? When an idea that works and also comes at a steep discount presents itself, it’s worth a try.  Explore the decorating possibilities of duvet covers and see what you can conjure up.

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