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The TAO of Bedding

3 things to consider when shopping for bedding.

Bedding – A More Important Choice Than You Think

Choosing the right pillows & bedding, whether in a set or accessories purchased a la carte is a more important consideration than most people realize.


Given the fact that we spend near one third of our entire lives in bed, one would think that knowing what’s right for each of our unique body structures, health considerations and tastes would be a higher priority than it usually is.  But like many areas of our lives, especially when economic times are tough, many of us consider ignorance bliss and settle for a less than revitalizing and satisfying night’s sleep on a regular basis.

Sleep issues like snoring and sleep apnea have become a big marketing target for the medical, pharmaceutical and other industries.  And, clearly, these are vital concerns that should be addressed for those to whom they apply.  But as a result of the huge number of advertising messages we’re bombarded with on this topic and just about every other, some of the simpler approaches, including those to do with getting a good night’s sleep, do not usually get a addressed.

3 Alternative Considerations When Shopping For Bedding

Sizes, styles, colors and durability are certainly all important but there are 3 other considerations that may mean more to the quality of your sleep.  I call them the “TAO of Bedding” – your comfortable body sleeping TEMPERATURE, whether you have ALLERGIES and the structure of you’re skeleton, ORTHOPEDICS.


The different materials available may not all work for you. Keep in mind how warm you get when you sleep and what time of year it is. It may be beneficial to opt for the fleece sheets and a duvet cover if you find that you get cold easily at night, where the cotton might work better if you run warm at night. Cotton breathes easily, allowing better air flow to keep you cooler. Flannel blankets will keep you very toasty, as will fleece. Thread count not only affects durability, but how smooth and seamless the cotton is.  The higher the thread count, the tighter the weaving, which means less air flow but a smoother fabric.


I have sympathy for allergy sufferers.  There’s nothing worse than wheezing, itching, rashing, watering or swelling just because you breathe something in or come into physical contact with it.  If you are one of the many people who are allergic to components like resins that are present in most bedding products, hypoallergenic or organic bedding and pillow protectors can save you from discomfort and sleeplessness.  There are also those who are sensitive to dust mites and other airborne particulates.  Mattress covers made of an allergen barrier fabric help keep dust and dust mites, along with other general allergens, away from your mattress to keep it, not only cleaner but more durable.


There are mattresses which cost thousands of dollars, which are specifically made for those with back and neck problems.  For those who can afford the cost, these products are invaluable.  But did you know there are pillows and memory foam mattress toppers made to serve the same purpose at a fraction of the cost?  Bedding products like memory foam pillows, full body pillows, and firm plush pillow toppers can be a cost-effective alternative to those with orthopedic issues such as scoliosis and other skeletal mis-alignments.  At the very least, for everyone, the quality of the pillow you put under your head should match your regular sleep position.

When it Comes to Bedding, Shop for Quality

Looking for the best deal with anything sometimes involves buying a higher quality of product, and bedding is no exception to this. Having sheets and coverings that breathe like your body likes to breather, will keep you cooler or warmer depending on your preference.  The value of fabrics manufactured to consider any particular allergic sensitivities you may have speaks for itself. Quality cushion firm plush pillows and other products designed to mold to your body structure will help keep your head and neck supported and pain-free.  It can be smarter to spend a bit more for the right bedding products rather than having cost be the only deciding factor.

Finding the right set and items for your bedroom is important for more than just aesthetic reasons. When it comes to bedding, look for quality that justifies the amount of time you’ll be using it each day and the impact it will have on your quality of life; and settle for no less.

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