Find Elegant Bedding At Bargain Prices

Bed in a Bag Shopping For the Truly Budget Conscious

When it comes to finding a bed in a bag, savings is key.

bed in a bag

It’s not hard to figure out, but when it comes to purchasing bedding, a bed in a bag is usually the cheapest way to go. With these sets you get pretty much everything you need to make your bed look comfy, stylish and complete. There are ways that a bed in a bag can cost you more money, however, and these tips will show you how to work around those and get what you need at the best price.

Your Bed in a Bag Inventory

Before you begin your search, write down everything you need to make your bed look good and feel comfortable. Then, write down any extras you want. For example, things you will need include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, pillowcases and a bedspread or comforter. Things you would like to have may include a bed skirt and pillow shams. Almost all bed in a bag products offer the needs, but some do not offer the wants. When starting your search, look for ones that may include both, but be prepared to pay a little extra for the extra items.

Purchasing your wants separately may be cheaper than buying them all in one. Before buying the bed in a bag, look for your wants and price them separately, then add that cost to the bed in a bag that only offers your needs to determine if you would save money that way. Other items a bed in a bag does not usually offer include throw pillows, extra blankets and extra sheets. If you expect to wash your bedding often (such as with crib and toddler bedding) you’ll want to buy extras. Bed in a bag products often offer matching sets that can be purchased as extras. These generally cost more than a regular sheet set, throw pillow or blanket, however, and there is a better way to buy.

Mixing and Matching With Bed in a Bag Sets

If you want extra pillows or blankets, or need extra sheets, purchase your bed in a bag in a print and purchase the extras in a solid color that compliments your bed in a bag set. For example, your bed in a bag set could come in zebra print and your extras (like sheets and pillows) could be purchased in a solid, hot pink color. Not only would that save you money because you won’t be obligated to buy the bed in a bag brand, but you can also add interest to your room with the contrast of colors. Also, a solid color is easier to match when decorating the rest of the bedroom.

Another thing to remember when buying a bed in a bag is they tend to go on sale faster than comforter sets. If you can hold out a little longer, you may get the bedding you want at a steal of a price. Check your store listings or online sites for bed in bag clearance sales and check often. The only issue with waiting for these sets to go on sale is you might miss out on what you want. To save yourself from losing out on your preference (and to stop impulse buying when you would like to wait until a sale), find different bed in a bag sets at different stores and online that you would like. Have an array of choices and keep checking for bed in a bag sets to reduce their already low prices.

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