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What You Should Know About Smart Baby Bedding

With baby bedding, less is more.

Why Baby Bedding Products Are So Popular

Baby bedding, like baby clothing, is all so darn cute with its cartoon characters and animal themes.  It can be a lot of fun to shop for baby crib bedding sets and other baby products because the patterns and colors are all so sweet.  They reinforce that maternal or paternal instinct many of us have.  But as much joy as there is in finding just the right baby gift that inspires a collective “awe” from the gathering at a baby shower, or as much satisfaction as there can be in supplying your own nursery bedding that’s both adorable and affordable, there’s vital considerations when it comes to purchasing any baby product.  Infant bedding, in particular, requires some knowledge to get it right.

There are three main factors to consider, which are:  the safety of the product (by far the most important factor), the comfort of your baby and the quality and durability of the product.  Let’s take a look at each factor.

Safety – The Foremost Concern With Baby Bedding

There are innumerable baby bedding products being offered to parents of infants.  These products include items from blankets to comforters to bumper pads and side sleepers.  The truth of the matter is that the consensus among pediatricians and other advocates of infant safety is that the safest sleeping environment for your baby’s crib is a fitted bottom sheet and nothing more.

baby bedding

Other items in the crib increase the possibility of injury or death due to strangulation, smothering or getting trapped.

Many parents are unaware of the dangers of a crib filled with plush toys, baby blankets and protective siding.  Others are more concerned about the possibility of the baby bumping his or her head on the crib bars, getting lonely alone in an empty crib or getting cold during the night.  But even these parents can take precautions.

Remember, that any fluffy, pillow-like object, whether it’s a stuffed animal or a side bumper, poses a risk of smothering.  If you must have stuffed animals either put them outside the crib or consider suspending them out of the baby’s reach.  And, as far as bumpers go, if you must have them, consider individual Velcro wraps that go around each bar separately.  Avoid loose ties within the baby’s reach.  The longer any such strings or cords, the more risk of the baby accidentally getting wrapped up.  The simplest baby bedding for boys and baby bedding for girls is usually best.

Comfortable Baby Bedding is Often the Simplest

Soft baby skin needs a soft sheet to lay on for comfort.  Cotton is excellent.  Higher thread count (above 550 or so) will be softer and more durable.  Flannel or jersey can give added softness.  Some parents choose to go with an organic cotton (i.e., manufactured without the use of pesticides or other caustic chemicals) for their crib sheets.  Make sure the sheet you choose is machine washable, and it’s advisable to have at least one alternate sheet to change frequently or in case of a mess.  A plasic cover to go under the sheet and over the mattress pad will help keep the mattress fresh and clean.

As far as keeping warm goes, a cozy, plush, fitted onesy is warmer and safer than a blanket or comforter.

Quality Makers of Baby Bedding

You can find quality, cute baby bedding at all price ranges.  A couple of quality brands are Carter’s and American Baby Company.  By reading customer reviews at sites like Amazon, you’ll get a great idea about what it’s like to live with most products.  Make sure to double check sizes when you bring baby bedding home as small differences can make a big difference as far as fit goes.

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